UFO BUILD WIZARD-KRYPTONITE How to install on kodi/xbmc

UFO BUILD WIZARD-KRYPTONITE How to install on kodi/xbmc

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Not all works but its for free you can try it
Thanks for watch mine video

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  1. 1
    marko henry

    Why have u and ur friends at kryptonite stole everyoneโ€™s donations and
    closed the kryptonite facebook page? I knew it was a scam the way the
    page creator was acting damn scumbags.๏ปฟ

  2. 2
    Todd Evans

    Greedy and dishonest and bullshit move the developer of this build
    pulled to have some of us help him and then keep all the donations to
    himself, remove us from the group and even blocked us soon as he was
    asked about the donations he received. not one word was said and he just
    took the money and ran. FUCK this build and the developer and i DONT
    SUPPORT IT and will be spreading the word on just what kind of person he
    is. Anyone reading this , consider yourself warned, find a better build
    from an honest developer and have a nice day. This build is not part of the
    UFO team!!๏ปฟ

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