Royalist updated with Mouse

Royalist updated with Mouse

And still under 50MB this build can not get any better,


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    Mike Smith

    Does anyone know why the build that I am working on would give me a skin
    services error when ever I backup and restore on a new build. I made the
    build on a linux system then used the backup addon just to restore it with
    the same backup addon on a fire tv stick to test and well it’s broken on
    the fire tv stick because of the skin services error…..

  2. 2
    Nigel Norwood

    i love your build, and the updates and maintance you do, i have 1 sugestion
    though. if you could find a way to integrate updates without use doing a
    fresh start would be EPIC. I use the xbmc favorites but it is mind numbing
    to keep putting shows to favorites after every weekly update. definitly
    donation worthy

  3. 4
    LwS Repo

    Anybody else made a video addon and had the problem of the .ts or .m3u8
    links only playing for 30 seconds or less then closing. The links don’t
    close on VLC only once I play them in kodi.

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