Kodi buffering issues THE TRUTH about zero caching

Kodi buffering issues THE TRUTH about zero caching

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This video will explain a bit about zero caching and why it will ruin your android box or Amazon device.

It will also show you how to cache to RAM as a last resort.

Here is the link where the advanced settings are from


In the video I show you how to add 3.4 Example 4 from the above website (NOT 3.3 EXAMPLE 3 LIKE I SAID IN THE VIDEO WOOPS)

Don’t be put off by all the data all you want is the number from cachemembuffer, readbufferfactor and buffermode.

If you do decide to go back in and try another example other than the one I showed in the video make sure you go back and click “write XML file” like you did the 1st time when changing the settings (cachmembuffersize etc) and restart your device.

If you are looking to get a smart DNS here you go


14 day free trial!

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    linda salfen

    Tried that and it didnt work either….. I have no clue also I am
    originally from England now living in CA USA….I used to be able to watch
    my Coronation Street on Hulu.. which is a bit like Netflix now they have
    stopped… Im so upset……. how can I watch it on firestick…. i have
    tried and it always says no stream available is there any other way?????..
    I love ur accent….. seems funny for me say it someone when I am so used
    to it being said to me……..

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